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INSMART Touch Screen Gloves (Model : INWJ)

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ISMART Touch Screen Gloves


Does Touch Screen Glove have to look like touch screen glove?

Try our “Upgraded Version of Touch Screen Glove”
It looks like a regular fashion glove that works with touch screen.
Your friends will be surprised with your fashion Gloves
When you work with Touch Screen
Finally, our Patented CST Technique accomplished 100% color match between five conductive points and main rest of the glove.

* The pictures may not perfectly show the actual color of the items but we guarantee all the description shown as is.


  • Premium Lambs Wool 51% / Acryl 15% / Nylon 11% / Polyester 9% / Elastane and Other 14% / Winter Gloves / Premium Wool, Elastic and Conductive Fiber
  • All five finger tips of Magic Touchscreen Gloves contains conductive fibers.
  • Pinch, Scroll and Swipe with Gloves on.
  • Works well with all touch screen smart phones.
  • Our Patented OST Technique assures all color match 100% between Conductive and main Wool area.
  • Ordinary washing will cause no harm the function.


We are the Patent Holder worldwide and manufacturer of Smart Gloves from Korea.

EcoBell Co. Ltd.,
We are the Patent Holder worldwide and manufacturer of Smart Gloves from Korea.
Proudly speaking, the best materials are used for the highest quality to meet the buyers’ satisfactory demand
Our IN Smart Gloves are the latest invented products for smart phone users in cold winter.
Our IN Smart Gloves will prevent you from the inconvenience of taking off your gloves when you are using the Smartphone in harsh winter.
It looks like any normal winter gloves but it is made of special fiber in the area of the tip of fingers of the gloves with conductive fabric.
Even In cold winter you have no trouble to use the Smartphone or tablet PC with your gloves on.
Now with our Smart Gloves, you do not have to worry about your hands getting cold.
It works magnificently with any kind of touch screen Smartphone and Tablet PC.
Our latest invented Smart Gloves last just as long as normal gloves’ duration,
That means you can wear the gloves while climbing, skiing and cycling.
Surely, IN Smart Gloves can be used in common life and outdoor activities.
They are made of warm wool as the main material and so thick so it keeps you warm.
The colors of the gloves are the very much same in the areas of finger tips and body,
You can hardly tell the differences between two areas.
And the palm side is coatd with silicon dots in order to prevent slipping when you grab your Smartphone.
IN Smart Gloves is perfect gift item for your love ones such as your children, parent, friends, and even for yourself.
Now, you can enjoy your outdoor activities in the cold winter with your smart phone.

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INSMART Touch Screen Gloves _Model _ INWJ_